Monday, November 14, 2011

Football Hat

First things first, and second things second. First-I need to make a little bit of a clarification. My blog is called "52 Weeks of Crap I Make" but that doesn't mean that what I make is really crap, nor should it be taken as a disparaging comment to anyone that I steal inspiration from. Actually, I think I make a lot of fun stuff and usually it turns out pretty good. Ok, if not usually, sometimes. So, really you should just take the title of my blog as my attempt at humor. And just like is the case for my projects, sometimes I'm successful, and sometimes I'm not. But really if you can't see the humor in the title or relate to refering to your projects as crap in someway (either by yourself or someone who loves you) this is probably not the blog for you.

Second-As I write this blog I realize it is probably also not the blog for you if things like grammar and punctuation are important. I try, I really do, but I was never an English major. Also, I tend to ramble and have a pretty stream of consiousness style of writing. So, beware. But stick with me becuase I always get back to the point.

Now on to the fun part. The inagural project. My little man loves football. I mean LOVES football. He loves watching football on tv and cheering for Big Brother (all football players are Big Brother) and when Big Brother isn't at home he is at football. Little Man loves to wear his football shirts. Now, this one is funny because he really only has one shirt with a football on it but he has several football shirts. I don't know, I gave up trying to figure him out a long time ago. And we have about 348 footballs around my living room. Ok, maybe not 348 but at least 5, which at times seems like 348. Little Man (and his sister Little Princess) also love hats, or "hots" as they like to call them. Yeah, that is fun when they are sitting in the backseat yelling "Hot! Hot!" and you think they are hot and are turning up the air conditioning and starting to shivver but really they just can't reach their hat. Anyway, their birthday is coming up so I thought I would make Little Man a football hat for his birthday. Here is how it went.

The Supplies:

My football hat pattern which was purchased from Posh Patterns at Let me just tell you I have had the most amazing experience with Posh Patterns. Not only was delivery of my patterns incrediblly quick the coustomer service has been awesome. I had a question about the pattern and got an almost immediate response. So, if you need any hat patterns, check this site out.

A skein of brown and white yarn.

A crochet hook (I can't remember the size)

A glass of wine (this particular wine was the Sutter Home Pink Moscato)

Not pictured-a yarn needle. I didn't think I would need this...I did.

This project was actually pretty easy. It took me two evenings to complete but I think I'll be able to make the next one in about 4 hours if I don't get distracted by things like Grey's Anatomy. Also, I needed to refresh my memory on a couple crochet techniques (slip stich, joining colors) so I had to watch a couple YouTube videos. Seriously, what did we do before YouTube?

The pattern was really simple to follow and repetitive so it didn't require a whole lot of thought once you got going. I did have a few problems. I totally forgot how to get started using a ciricle so I had to redo that a few times so I could get the right number of stitches. I also needed a reveiw on how to join colors. Once I got past that I was good to go. As I was doing the white boarder I did enter the land of "Oh crap! Are you serious." When I found I didn't tie off correctly on the ear flaps and they started to unravel. But I got them fixed. It happened again when I got to the very end so I think I'm going to have to watch a YouTube video on signing off.

The only issue I had is that my hat turned out very small. I made the largest size (2T-4T) and it just fits on Little Man's head, and he doesn't have a big head. I e-mailed Posh Patterns and got some tips on increasing my size. Next time I will use a larger crochet hook and try not to be so tight with my stitches. I will also follow the suggestion to use double crochets instead of single for the ear flaps to make sure they cover the ears. We do not need more ear infections.

I do plan on making a couple more of these hats. I want to see if I can make a bigger one for Little Man and based on her reaction to the hat I'll need one for Little Princess as well. Hubby and Big Brother want one too, but I'm not sure how to make adult ones so I'll have to find a pattern for that.

Here is the final product...

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