Wednesday, November 16, 2011

More Hats!

Ok, maybe not more hats, but at least another hat. I'm really liking this whole crocheting hats thing. They are easy and way super dooper cute.

As was discussed in my last post while I love the football hat I made it turned out a bit small for my Little Man. I got the suggestion from the pattern creator at Posh Patterns to try using a hook a size up from what I used (so that woudl be an I) but after reading my blog she suggested that it might be the yarn I used becuase that yarn is a bit smaller. So, trying to cover all my bases I both went up a hook size and used heavier yarn. The yarn I used was some Red Heat Super Saver that I had in my basement stash of yarn from my grandma. It is not soft. Not soft at all. But I didn't want to go buy more yarn for a sample, so I just used it. The good news is the hat turned out way cute. The bad news is that it is scratchy. The other good news is that I love the way the verrigated yarn looked. I imagine I'll be making verrigated hats in pink and blue for Little Man and Little Princess very soon. Now, if I could just find some red and gold verrigated yarn we could have some crazy fun family hats. I would settle for purple and gold if I had to, but would much rather red and gold. Hmmm, I wonder if we would then be known as that family with the crazy matching hats. And I wonder if that would be a bad thing. At least we could find each other in a crowd. And really, I would be fine with being that family. I'm fine with being that mom that opens the animal crackers in the store to get her kids to stop whining, and never thought I would be ok with that.

But anyway, back to the hat. Last night we had to drive to an awards dinner so we were going to be in the car for about 45 minutes and I thought my time would be better used crafting than taking a nap. Being as I can't plug in my sewing machine in the Toyota I thought crocheting would be a good project. I grabbed what I needed and we hit the road. I was able to crochet for about 30 minutes until it got too dark and I couldn't go on. I finished up when I got home so all told this hat probably took me about 1/5-2 hours, not long at all. I did leave off the ear flaps (because I didn't want to do them last night) and added a pom-pom so it would be extra special. And cute. This was my first attempt at a pom-pom. Next time I will add more loops. They weren't kidding when they said add way more than you think you need.

The hat turned out much larger than the other one I made so the use of thicker yarn and a bigger hook really helped.

I wasn't able to get Little Man or Little Princess to model because they were sleeping and I don't think they would have taken well to being woke up to have their picture taken in a hat. So, I had to go with the next best thing.

My only question now is can you take a crochet hook on an airplane. We are going to Vegas in a couple weeks and I thought I could totally get some hats made on the plane. Watch out friends-you are all getting hats!

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