Friday, November 11, 2011


Hello and welcome to 52 Weeks of Crap I Make. My name is Emily and I will be your guide on this thrilling adventure into the land of "I Can Totally Make That". Yep, I'm that person. I have boards and boards of projects pinned on Pinterest that I just have to make. I see items in stores or at craft shows and think, I can't buy that-I can make that! Never mind the the time and supplies will likely cost 3 times as much as the pre-made one and the end result will likely look like one of my toddler twins made it. It still has to be attempted.

I was inspired to create this blog by one of my friends who created her own daily blog...that I LOVE. However, a daily blog is just too much of a committment for me. Did I mention the twins...and an 11 year old? Weekly, I think I can handle. The question then became, but what do I blog about. I tried a recipe blog once. Yeah, I didn't maintain that one very well. So I thought about what can I do that will also help me do more for me. And that is when I was hit over the head with the Pinterest board. I can make stuff! The initial name for my blog was "52 Weeks of Creativity" but I think "52 Weeks of Crap I Make" is probably more accurate. My intention is that some weeks there will be crafts, some weeks there will be recipes, and some weeks there will be something I haven't even considered yet. Perhaps I'll take a little side trip to the land of accessorizing beyond your wedding ring. Who knows?!

I can't promise you a lot, but I can promise I will bring you the good, the bad, the ugly, and even the UFPs. Yes, let's just admit it right now there will be UFPs. For those of you who are super on top of things and finish everything you start, you might want to stop reading now. UFPs are UnFinished Projects. I have a lot of them. One hope of this blog is to motivate me to pull those things out of their hiding places and finish them up. And while sometimes I will bring you UFPs on their way to completion, I'm guessing I'll also be showing you new projects whose fate may be an eternity as an UFP. Sometimes, life sucks like that.

Whenever I can I will try to provide you with the link to the original source of my inspiration and any appropriate tutorials. Additionally I'm going to try to take pictures of this whole adventure. At least pictures at the start and end. I'm not a photographer and I can't imagine the photos will be the best, but I'll try.

Anyway, I have my first project in mind and just have to make a quick trip to Hobby Lobby after work to pick up my supplies.

Happy Projecting :) Emily

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