Friday, January 13, 2012

Chicken Puffs

Lately I've been posting about a lot more food than I thought I would. I guess that is probably because you have to eat every day so even if I'm not being super creative I can always come up with a blog post about dinner. Hopefully, this weekend I'll be working on (and maybe even completing) and unfinshed project, so I'll be able to share that with you. Once I finish that I can move on to my next Pinterest project.

And actually, this meal was based on a Pinterest recipe. The recipe I used as inspiration was

Here were my ingredients:

1 rotisserie chicken shredded (I know you are wondering why I would buy a one legged chicken since that is what is in the picture, but I did not buy a one legged chicken. This chicken had 2 legs, but I removed one before I remembered I wanted the whole chicken in the picture. Now, mind you I would buy a one legged chicken it it were cheaper than a 2 legged chicken and I didn't have plans for the second leg)

Ranch dressing mix (You might notice this is not in the original recipe. I did not notice this. The note on the picture I pinned mentioned ranch dressing mix so I assumed it was in the recipe. Well, it wasn't in the recipe but I had some so I used it)

Cheddar and pepper jack cheese ( i used pepper jack rather than plain monteray jack)

Jumbo cresent rolls (don't use the regular size ones, I don't think they would work very well)

The clementines are an optional side. The truth is I just didn't want to move the box before I took the picture. I will say that these are not the Cuties but some other brand, and I don't like them. they are harder to peel and have a lot of seeds in them. I have to figure something out with them becuase I don't want to give the little people oranges with seeds, but I also don't want to pick them all out. The one I had the other day had a lot of seeds. I should have another, maybe it was a fluke.

I made a double batch of these, but you could make a single one too.

Mix everything together. I only used 1 package of ranch mix, but I think I should have used 2. It should look something like this:

Yummy! Ok, it tastes much better than it looks.

Next you want to unroll your cresents and put a big blob of the filling on the large side. Roll up the cresent roll sealing the filling in. You will end up with little packets that looks a little something like this:

Bake them up and here you go!

This one is actually from the second batch I baked and they burned on the bottom. I don't know why, but they did. But they looked much better from the top, so that is what you get a picture of.

OH! And I skipped the step of putting butter and breadcrumbs on the top, seemed like too much work.

All in all I liked these. I don't think my family were very big fans. They were a little bland. I think more ranch and/or maybe a can of green chilis would have helped liven things up a bit.

I did end up with a fair amount of filling left in the end. I kept it and turned it into a dip. I added a bit more ranch to it for added flavor. I think it turned out ok. I brought the dip to work so we are eating it cold. But I do think it would be very good heated in a little crock pot and served with chips. If you add the green chilis I think it would be a fabulous dip.

I did enjoy the little puffs of goodness so I do have plans to try a few more things wrapped in cresent rolls. If you have suggestions, I'll take them. Note, my family loves hot dogs in cresent rolls, so no need to suggest those little classics.

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  1. I tried these this weekend (with your suggested modifications) and they were REALLY good. Next time you decide to make them and your family no like--call me up! I will come on over and help consume them. YUM!