Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Double Sided Tape

So, there are no pictures to go with this entry, just a story. But it is a fairly embarrassing story, so I thought I should probably share it in case others had ever found themselves in my place.

As I mentioned in my last blog post I used double sided tape to make the desk set for my sister. I didn't use fancy scrapbook double sided tape, I just used plain old Scotch brand double sided tape.

I was all set to go and tape something. I tore off a piece of tape and started working on taking the paper backing off. It would not come off. Not at all. Not even a little bit. Ok, let's just start over. I took off another piece. Still nothing worked. I couldn't get a finger nail under it, I couldn't peel it off by folding, swearing at it didn't help, it just wouldn't come off. I was so frustrated and ready to call my crafting buddy (who also scrapbooks) to find out the trick for this stupid tape. Only, by that point, stupid wasn't the adjective I was using. I decided to give it one more shot before admitting my complete inability to use tape to a friend. So, while pulling off another piece of tape I figured out my problem. Yeah, that tape doesn't have a paper backing. The first bit is just covered on one side for packaging purposes. I didn't need to peel anything off, I just needed to pull more tape off the roll. Once I did this there were no problems getting the tape to stick on both sides.

Moral of the story-sometimes things aren't as difficult as I make them out to be. And when in doubt, just pull off more tape.

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