Tuesday, January 10, 2012


This is the first post in a series with very few pictures. I know, not very exciting. The truth is sometimes I start working on something and either forget to take pictures before, during, or after, or I don't realize that it could be a good blog entry at the time. At the time, I'm just thinking "dinner". So, I apologize for all the words. But, as always if you don't like it, don't read it. I do however promise not to use too many big words, so it should be a quick read. Great, now I totally want to use big words. Luckily, I don't know too many big words and I'm too lazy to reach up and get my thesaurus.

Tacos are a staple meal at our house. We eat them once or twice a month. Everyone likes them, even the little people. Heck, they had a farm themed taco party for their birthday. A natural combination if you ask me.

Well, the other night was taco night and I had 3 pounds of hamburger to work with. Normally, I only use 2, but decided to cook it all up because we needed some for chili that week too. Then I decided I would just make it all into taco meat and we could have leftovers. The following is my attempt at repurposing a previously cooked meal, or making leftovers for dinner.

I didn't want to just make tacos again so I decided I would make tacoladas, or taco enchiladas.

Here is what I had on hand (this is the only picture, so enjoy):In the containers are taco meat, and about 1/2 a can of black beans. The second bag of cheese that you can't really see is just plain cheddar.

(A note about taco meat. We mix together ground beef, taco seasoning, and corn, yes corn. It is great. If you have never done that you should try it.)

I made the rice using part enchilada sauce and the rest water. I think I used about a cup of enchilada sauce. The rice tasted pretty good, but it didn't cook all the way. I don't know if it is because there wasn't enough liquid in the sauce or just because I can't make rice. It could really be either one.

I drained the beans and then mashed them up before mixing with the beef. I don't really like beans so mashing them up lets me eat them and not be bothered by them, because I don't really know they are there. Ok, I know it (because I made it) but I don't notice it. Then I mixed in the rice. Oh, and actually, I thought there could have been more beans. I just didn't want to open another can because we needed those for chili and I didn't want to go to the store...again.

I then filled tortillas with the mixture and put them in a sprayed glass casserole dish. I made 6 very full tacoladas. I could have made 2 more but I ran out of room in my pan and didn't feel like washing a bigger pan. So, I took the extra filling an put it on top. Put some more sauce on it and then topped with cheese.

I baked them up and Voila! tacoladas.

These were very good. Something different from your usual taco or enchilada. The only problem was that the rice wasn't cooked. That was kind of gross. But that can be fixed. It was a fun way to kind of pillage the pantry to use things up. I am going to try to repurpose leftovers more often.

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