Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Birthday Shirts

Like any good, working mom I decided on Friday that my kids needed birthday shirts for their party on Saturday. Originally I thought they don't need birthday shirts, they have tons of cute clothes they could wear. Heck, it is a farm theme they could wear their overalls (while I cross my fingers they don't wiggle out of them and/or play with their diaper taps so it falls out their pant leg-not that either of these things has ever happened, I've just read about it). But then at the last minute I wanted something fun, but not expensive. Enter Hobby Lobby.

While lunching at Hobby Lobby with a friend I saw some cute birthday iron-ons which just happened to be right next to the t-shirts. BINGO! For about $5 each I had very special birthday t-shirts.

The Supplies: Note: there are two black t-shirts.

I never really realized how easy iron-ons are. Pretty much, that is what you do-iron them on. I suggest following the package directions just in case the one you pick up is more complicated than mine.


I really wanted to get a picture of the kids sitting with each other wearing their shirts. That didn't happen. This is what I got.

Maybe tonight I'll get a better picture.
And yes, it is possible my daughter was going to hit her brother on the head with a carrot.

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