Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Sheep and Pig Cupcakes

In my last post I showed you the invite and cow cake for my twins' farm themed birthday party. Now I'm going to show you the sheep and pig cupcakes. Yes, in my previous post I mentioned some chick cupcakes, however those didn't get made. I really liked the pig cupcakes and wanted to make more of those and I needed to have an even number of each animal so I decided to go with the pigs and sheep (I have a fondness for sheep). Plus, the first animal the little people could talk to was the sheep.

The pigs turned out really great, the sheep were cute but as I said to a friend "Frankinfarmer called, he wants his polar sheep back." So, if you need to make polar bear cupcakes, here you go.

The supplies:Not shown are 24 cupcakes and a handful of M&Ms. Also, because I didn't make the chicks the candy corns weren't used (the orange part was going to be the beak). I also ended up using some of the black decorator gel from the cow cake.

To start I cut the round part of the cupcakes off so the tops were more flat.


First, I prepared the eyes, ears and noses. I cut 3 squares from 4 of the strawberry wafer cookies. There was a little bit of an end left, you can eat those or use them to bribe, I mean occupy your toddlers and husband. Each of these squares should be cut in half to make two triangles. Set these aside for the ears. I used a very sharp knife and didn't have any problems with the cookies crumbling. For the noses cut 6 regular size marshmallows in half to form two smaller cylinders. The eyes were mini-chocolate chips. I just put a handful in bowl so they would be easier to get to.

Each of the cupcakes was frosted pink. I used pink Funfetti frosting but you could make your own if you wanted. I promise, I won't call you an overachiever. Each cupcake is topped with a marshmallow nose, two cookie ears, and two chocolate chip eyes. I added nostrils to each nose using a dot of the black gel. The nostrils helped the marshmallows look more like noses.

These pig cupcakes were super awesome and totally cute if I do say so myself (and I do).Sheep:

The sheep were even easier than the pigs to make. Each cupcake was frosted with white frosting and rolled in sweetened coconut. The to make the "face" I mixed some of my pink frosting with my white frosting to make a very light pink. I piped a circle on and added a red M&M for a nose. The eyes were M&Ms attached with a dot of frosting. And that was it. I actually think these would make really cute reindeer by coloring your frosting brown and adding pretzel antlers. Maybe next Christmas.

I had some problems with this picture so I had to edit it. What you don't see is that I didn't have enough brown M&Ms for the eyes so some have blue and some have green eyes. The ones with blue eyes really look like polar bears.

The cow cake and pig and sheep cupcakes were my first attempt at cake decorating. I make lots of cupcakes but always focus on the flavors and not so much on the decorations. I feel much more confident now of my ability to make cute cakes and cupcakes.

Oh, and in case you were wondering the plan for the chicks was to frost the cupcakes yellow and roll them in coconut that had been dyed yellow. I was going to use chocolate chips for the eyes and somehow fashion a beak out of the orange part of the candy corn.

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