Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Crochet Coffee Sleeve and Coaster

Hello Friends-

Ok, so today's post doesn't have any fun before or supply pictures. The reason for the lack of pictures is because I made this project in the car on the way to my hometown because of a family emergency. Needless to say my mind was on other things. But that should tell you how easy this project is.


Crochet hook-I think I used an I-but it doesn't really matter

Yarn-I used Peaches and Cream cotton yarn, but again it doesn't really matter.

A coffee sleeve to use as a template

I started a project and then found that it was much too large to fit any normal coffee cup so I took it all out and reduced the size. I would suggest making a couple rows and then testing the fit to see if it will work. I didn't have a coffee in the car so I just tested it against the coffee sleeve I keep in my purse. Yes, I keep a reusable coffee sleeve in my purse, sometimes two. The only time I don't have them with me is when I take them off my cup in my office and forget to put it back in my purse. Then I have to get a paper sleeve which I tend to save for next time. Last time I cleaned out my desk drawer I found like 10 sleeves. I probably don't need to save the paper ones. And yes, I could just use a reusable cup, that would be greener. But, cups don't smoosh up to fit in your purse/pocket, and they get messy when you leave it sitting on your desk and forget to wash it for a couple weeks. Well, that is what I've heard, I don't know for sure because I would never do something like that.

I did a chain of 30 to start and 9-10 rows. It fits a standard 16 ounce cup pretty well and a 20 ounce really well. I think it might be too big for anything smaller, but why are you drinking anything smaller?

To make the coordinating coaster I just made a square about the size of a coaster. This one isn't rocket science, just make sure you don't loose stitches at the end.

This just in...I really need to learn how to fasten off better. The sleeve started coming apart while I was counting the stitches. But I fixed it, no worries.

I like this sleeve but I'm going to try another pattern sometime. This one doesn't reduce the number of stitches as you go down (or add as you build-depending on the way you look at it) so it doesn't fit the same as a commercial one. But it works and it actually insulates better than I expected. I would totally make these as gifts for friends, book club members, coworkers, daycare providers, or really anyone that drinks coffee from paper cups.
I think my favorite part of this project was the fact that I was able to get a large Fa La La Latte from Caribou for $2. Two of my favorite things together at last-eggnog latte and a coupon. :)

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  1. 1st of all--I LOVE the reference to "rocket science" in this post!

    2nd-LOVE the sleeve and coaster! I think this could be a managable 1st crochet project for me--I made barbie doll rugs that were once about the same size--so I could totally do this!

    Where do I place my order for one????